Are you investigating ways to enjoy usable patio space under your deck? DEK Drain® can help you achieve the outdoor living space you’ve been envisioning without the worry that rainwater pouring through the deck surface will ruin your furniture, grill, refreshment bar and potted plants. Our exceptionally reliable and easy-to-install deck drainage systems are available for homeowners throughout the United States and Canada, whether they have an existing deck or a deck under construction.

One of the key advantages of having an under deck patio is having a shady place to retreat to when the sunlight is intense, but you’d still like to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. Having a patio below your deck that’s sheltered from the rain is even more valuable, particularly when you’re entertaining friends atop your deck and rain threatens to ruin your party. If you have a reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain®, you’ll simply be able to move the party to the dry, sheltered area under your deck.

Some of the other advantages of investing in one of our deck drainage systems include:

  • Creation of protected storage space under your deck for lawn care equipment, a golf cart or other items that might be taking up valuable space in your garage
  • Moisture protection that may prevent premature deterioration of your deck and the need for costly repairs or replacement
  • Prevention of soil erosion and the possibility of resulting structural damage to your home from rainwater that pours through your deck’s surface boards and pools on the ground below

At DEK Drain®, we’ll be happy to listen to your plans for an under deck patio or other dry, usable space under your deck and help you choose the DEK Drain® system that will best suit your needs. Contact us today to get started.

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