The Most Effective, Durable, and Versatile Deck Drainage System Available

DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE deck drainage system is water and weatherproof and is ideal for both new decks and existing structures.

Lower quality drainage systems are not water or weatherproof. But TOPSIDE® from DEK Drain is.

TOPSIDE is, by far, the best choice to protect your elevated deck, and works on both new builds and existing structures.

Our patented system is designed to create dry, functional space below a deck by preventing precipitation from breaching the surface. Protect the framing of your deck from moisture, prolong its life, and prevent deterioration.

Make the Most of Your Deck

  • Fabricated from specially formulated rubber membrane material, 45 mil. thick. Flexible, durable, and long-lasting.
  • Installs to the top of the joists before decking is installed, while leaving bottoms of joists ready for ceiling installation.
  • Pre-cut panels available for 12”, 16”, and 24” framing.
  • Ease of installation works with gravity, not against it.
  • Adaptable to multiple sizes and shapes.
  • Long runs, no joints.
  • Frames remain dry – always.
  • No glue, caulk, adhesive, or sealants required – ever.

Make the Most of Your Deck

DEK Drain has been helping homeowners all over the world reimagine the space beneath their decks since 1999.

Our uniquely designed deck drainage system panels leave enough space in the bay areas between joists to allow a finished ceiling to be installed beneath your deck. You take things from there – equip your new living space with a ceiling fan and recessed lighting or use as a new state-of-the-art storage area. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Better yet, the TOPSIDE deck drainage system is not a kit. You buy only the exact parts needed, so there is no waste!

Don’t let your deck sit unprotected.

Items are in stock and shipped the day after you order.

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