Under Deck Drainage Systems to Protect Your Home or Turn that Space Underfoot into Space You Can Use

Under Deck DrainageWith an under deck drainage system from DEK Drain®, you’ll find the solution to increasing your usable outdoor living or storage space is right beneath your feet! After all, there’s no reason why the space under your deck should sit idle any more than the area on top. In fact, when the rain begins to fall, having a reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain® will allow you to use your deck as a shield against the wet weather, so you can continue enjoying your outdoor space in comfort. What’s more, installing one of our drainage systems will be beneficial even if your deck is too close to the ground to provide usable space underneath. By keeping the space beneath your deck dry, the system can prevent mold and mildew growth that can speed deterioration of your deck and possibly result in damage to your health or the exterior of your home.

In addition to creating more usable outdoor living space, DEK Drain’s under deck drainage systems can help increase the lifespan of your deck by protecting the joists from moisture exposure. All of our under   deck drainage systems are made from a specially formulated, highly durable rubber membrane material that stands up to the elements better than the plastic or metal typically used by competitors. Unlike plastic, rubber remains pliable in temperatures well below freezing, which means it won’t stiffen and crack as the temperature fluctuates. And that same flexibility provides a watertight seal around the fasteners that won’t expand over time and begin to leak, as other materials often do.

There are three main types of under deck drainage systems we can provide, including:

  • TOPSIDE® system – Designed for installation during construction of a new deck or during restoration of an existing deck, this system features panels that are attached to the top of the deck’s joists before the surface boards are fastened to the frame. In addition to keeping the area below the deck dry and suitable for an outdoor storage or living space, this system also prolongs the structural integrity of the deck frame by protecting it from moisture.
  • UNDERSIDE® system – This under deck drainage solution is ideal for existing decks. The panels can be attached to the bottom of the joists and, if you think you may want to have a finished ceiling at some point in the future, it is relatively easy to add a build-down frame to hold your choice of ceiling material.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED system – This profile allows the panels to be recessed inside the bay area between the joists. The bottom of the joists will remain exposed for the application of any ceiling material you may choose.
  • DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® system – This system provides the ideal solution for homeowners who aren’t ready to invest in a complete under deck drainage product but would like to extend the lifespan of their deck frame. If you’re installing a new deck or replacing your deck boards, having this system installed will protect the joists from deterioration due to moisture exposure and provide the flashing for a complete water diversion system installation later, if you wish.

No matter which under deck drainage system is right for your home, it will come with easy installation instructions and a transferable lifetime warranty that will provide you with confidence that your investment is protected. Contact DEK Drain® today for more information. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

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