We don’t know if March came in like a lion and is going out like a lamb or came in like a lamb and is going out like a lion – or is just chasing its tail until summer arrives. The bottom line is that the weather is doing weird things. Snow and rain one day, springtime temps the next. And don’t even get us started on those oncoming April showers. But you can still you can still prep your outdoor living space.

The big question for deck owners is: have you started to prep your outdoor living space for the inevitable seasonal rains? If not, here are three tips to get started:

  1. Get your repair and cleaning crews on deck: Literally. Be sure to inspect your deck, your patio, and all other outdoor living space areas for faults that may have settled in over the long winter months. Cracked or warped boards, chipped or broken stone, and so much more could have resulted from standing ice and snow and/or freezing and thawing cycles. Look closely for signs of mildew and rot (discoloration, spots) – particularly on decks and outdoor structures that are made with pressure-treated wood, cedar, or natural redwood. Reassess your outdoor situation and make repairs where necessary to prevent further damage when the raindrops start to fall.
  2. Consider staining. After thoroughly cleaning your deck and other outdoor wooden structures – and after treating any mildewed areas with an approved wood cleaner – you should consider applying a new stain or sealer before springtime. In addition to protecting your wood from UV radiation, most stains offer moderate water-repelling properties. Of course, fixtures that receive direct sunlight will likely need to be re-stained more frequently, as wood finishes that are exposed to UV rays regularly degrade at a faster rate than those in shaded areas.
  3. Invest in a quality underdeck drainage and roofing system. Keeping your deck and the space below dry is incredibly important. This is not just one of the best ways to prep your outdoor living space for spring, but it offers comprehensive and custom ways to go about it. DEK Drain®, for instance, offers four exemplary systems to protect your deck and everything underneath safe and secure from the elements:
  • DEK Drain’s preferred and most requested product, our TOPSIDE system, is often installed at the same time as your deck and are designed to keep its framing and the space underneath its boards dry. TOPSIDE systems leave the bays between your deck joists free of protective material. This allows for complete customization of the underdeck space, where homeowners can add a ceiling, fans, inset lighting, and so much more at a future date.
  • Our UNDERSIDE systems come into play after your deck has already been constructed. Precut, protective panels are installed to the bottom of joists, preventing water from seeping below the surface – and providing consummate protection for your outdoor living space.
  • Likewise, UNDERSIDE Recessed systems are frequently sought after by homeowners who hope to install a decorative roof or ceiling below their decks in the future. Fitted up into the bays formed between joists, UNDERSIDE Recessed systems keep the bottom of joists exposed so that they can be upgraded at a later date.
  • Our Dog Ear Joist Flashing systems extend the life of your deck. They are ideal for homeowners who are not yet ready to invest in a fully protective underdeck drainage system, while still offering DEK Drain’s trademark safeguards for exposed deck joists. It also saves homeowners money long-term should they opt to install our UNDERSIDE system in the future.

Rainy days are coming, but that’s no reason to feel down. Instead, be proactive, protect your deck, prep your outdoor living area for springtime, and get ready to have a blast when the warmer weather arrives. DEK Drain can help. Call us at 866-335-3724 to learn more.

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