The Under Deck Waterproofing Product that Can Extend the Life of Your Deck by Protecting the Frame – The DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® System

Under Deck WaterproofingThe under deck waterproofing systems available from DEK Drain® for homeowners across the United States and Canada offer a highly effective way to increase your outdoor living space by allowing you to make use of the area under your deck as well as above. With a water diversion system from DEK Drain® installed during deck construction or under your existing deck, you’re free to use the space below the deck for storage, family get-togethers or any other purpose you can imagine, even in rainy weather.

Another practical use for under deck waterproofing is to keep rainwater from soaking the frame, which can accelerate deterioration and eventually compromise the frame’s structural integrity. For homeowners who wish to extend the life of their deck but aren’t ready to invest in one of our fully protective deck drainage systems, DEK Drain® has a solution: our DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® system. This is the same product used in our complete under deck waterproofing systems; however, it is installed without the panels and provides exceptional protection for exposed deck joists. As the name suggests, the profile of this flashing resembles a dog’s droopy ears.

Our DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® system offers many advantages, including:

  • Three layers of specially formulated, 45-mil rubber membrane installed over each joist to provide exceptional protection against the elements, which also contract around the shaft of the deck board fasteners to prevent leakage
  • A rubber substrate that resists damage from moisture, sun exposure, acidic leaf debris and saltwater spray and retains its protective features even in fluctuating seasonal temperatures
  • Flashing that allows for later installation of a DEK Drain® water diversion system to fully waterproof the under-deck area so that it can be used as an outdoor living or storage space

Like our other deck drainage systems, our DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® system is easily installed and comes with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

To learn more about our UNDERSIDE® under deck waterproofing systems, contact one of the friendly associates at DEK Drain® today.