High-Performance Deck Drain Systems & Under Deck Waterproofing from DEK Drain® that Will Allow Homeowners & Business Owners to Double the Use of Their Deck

Deck DrainSince 1999, DEK Drain® has provided the industry’s most durable and versatile under deck waterproofing systems designed to help homeowners and business owners make the most of their new or existing decks. In fact, we’ve enabled countless customers to effectively double the use of their decks with one of our innovative systems, allowing them to create a shady, dry area below the boards that’s as functional as the outdoor living space up top. No doubt you, too, could make good use of the space under your deck with a waterproofing system from DEK Drain®.

An under deck system will allow you to spend time outdoors relaxing with family and friends while being protected from the sun and rain. DEK Drain® even offers systems that allow for the installation of a finished under deck ceiling, complete with lights and a fan, making for the ultimate outdoor escape. Or, it can simply provide a secure under deck storage area for lawn care equipment, bicycles, and oversized toys that have been cluttering your garage.

However, the benefits of waterproofing the space under your deck go beyond adding outdoor living space or storage space. Even if you have a ground-level deck, a DEK Drain® system will protect its frame from moisture that may accelerate deterioration. Our under deck systems will also stop rainwater from pouring through the deck boards to the ground below, preventing soil erosion as well as the buildup of mold and mildew. By capturing and diverting rainwater, it is possible to keep the water from penetrating the perimeter of your foundation and thereby reducing the incidence of damp or wet basements.

Have a Deck Drainage System from DEK Drain® Installed during Construction of a New Deck or Under the Deck You’re Already Enjoying

The superior protection of a DEK Drain® system can be yours, whether you’re in the process of having a new deck built or you’ve had one for years. To meet the varying needs of our customers, we’ve developed six different profiles of the DEK Drain® system, all of which are easily installed with fasteners rather than messy sealants. Our TOPSIDE® systems are installed between the deck boards and joists during deck construction or when deck boards are being replaced, and they provide the ultimate deck protection and under deck waterproofing. Our UNDERSIDE® profiles were developed with existing decks in mind. The panels of this system can either be attached to the bottom of the joists or recessed up inside the bay area to allow the addition of a finished ceiling. We also offer the DOG EAR FLASHING® system, which is the ideal option for homeowners who aren’t ready to invest in a full under deck waterproofing system but would like to protect their deck’s frame from moisture-related damage.

Whichever system you choose, it will be fabricated from a premium rubber membrane material that outperforms and outlasts other deck drain systems on the market. DEK Drain® works better than plastic or metal because rubber provides a watertight seal around the fasteners, and it won’t crack in cold temperatures. We make it easy to install by custom-cutting the panels to match the dimensions of your deck before installation, a method that also virtually eliminates the potential for waste. Moreover, every DEK Drain® system is backed by a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, which is the best protection for your investment that you’ll find in the industry.

For more information about how DEK Drain® can help you turn that neglected area under your deck into a valuable space you’ll wonder how you ever did without, contact us today.

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