Dog Ear Joist Flashing System

Protect Your Deck’s Frame from the Elements

When it rains, it pours – and your deck’s frame is just sitting there, soaking it up. Don’t let the deluge compromise your frame’s structural integrity and drain your wallet. DEK Drain’s dog ear joist flashing system can help you extend the life of your deck, without requiring the commitment of a complete under deck drainage system.

Named for its resemblance to a dog’s droopy ears, our joist flashing system is installed without panels to provide optimum protection for exposed joists.

The Joist Flashing System at a Glance

  • The dog ear system uses the same materials as DEK Drain’s comprehensive TOPSIDE® and UNDERSIDE® systems
  • Three layers of specially formulated, 45 mil. rubber membrane are installed over each joist to provide exceptional protection against the elements.
  • Layers also contract around the shaft of deck board fasteners to prevent leakage.
  • Rubber substrate resists moisture damage, sun exposure, acidic leaf debris, saltwater spray, and more, while retaining protective features even in fluctuating temperatures.
  • Allows for simple, swift upgrades at a later date. Easily transition to a full-fledged water diversion system and completely waterproof your under-deck area for use as an outdoor living or storage space
joist flashing system

Give Your Frame
a Fighting

Like all DEK Drain products, our dog ear joist flashing system is simple to install and comes with a fully transferable lifetime warranty.

Achieve optimal protection for exposed deck joists.

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