Summer flew by, didn’t it? Back-to-school supplies are lining the shelves of stores. Nighttime is arriving a tad bit earlier every day. Autumn is only weeks away – and with it, several seasonal conditions that require some advance planning from homeowners.

Here are just three reasons you should start prepping your deck for fall right now:

  1. Danger – falling leaves ahead: The crunch of leaves underfoot is a sensation that’s purely synonymous with autumn. But leaves can be damaging if left to gather on top of your deck – and even hazardous when wet and slippery. Before the weather starts to truly turn (and those leaves begin to fall) take time to survey the area around your deck for overhanging branches from trees and foliage that can and should be trimmed back.
  2. Ooey, gooey bugs and insects: Summer has had its share of mosquitoes and flies but fall also plays host to several creepy, crawly things that hide in the shadowy, moist corners of your deck – and UNDER your deck. Without proper protection, like a quality water diversion system, the area under your deck can fall prey to stagnant, standing water and other rotting debris where all sorts of pests and insects make their homes.
  3. The fungus among us: Moist, damp wood, and piles of decaying leaves (see above) are prime conditions for the growth of mold, fungi, and rot. When you start prepping your deck for fall ahead of time, you can take steps to eliminate the risk of mold spreading beyond outdoor spaces and into your home.

The TOPSIDE® system courtesy of DEK Drain can be your deck’s protector this fall season. Not only does it keep the joists of your deck and its frame dry, preventing premature deterioration, but it also creates a dry, newly functional living space underneath your deck where moisture concerns are a thing of the past.

What’s more, DEK Drain products are fabricated using a flexible and durable rubber membrane material that is long-lasting and weather resistant. Pre-cut panels can be adapted to any shape or size of the deck, with no glue, caulk, adhesives, or sealants ever required. Purchase only the parts you need and never worry about waste of any kind.

DEK Drain products allow you to start prepping your deck for fall’s more challenging attributes, while creating a dry, functional, and customizable space below where you can cozy up with a blanket and enjoy the best the season has to offer. Ready to optimize your home deck? Give our customer service agents a call at 1-866-DEK-DRAIN to learn more.

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