If you’re on the hunt for a water diversion decking system that will keep the space below your deck dry, DEK Drain® has a reliable, long-lasting system that’s perfect for your needs. Whether you have a deck under construction or one that’s been standing for years, we can provide a water diversion solution that will allow you to use the space under your deck for storage, outdoor entertaining or to just get out of the rain without going indoors.

The reason our under-deck protection systems are so effective is our specially formulated rubber membrane material that forms a seal around the fasteners that hold the material in place. Because rubber is flexible, our rubber substrate provides self-sealing protection you can count on, even when temperatures plunge well below freezing. Our material won’t stiffen, crack, expand, contract, buckle or bow the way most plastic and metal deck drainage systems do.

In addition to providing you with valuable dry space under your deck, a superior water diversion decking system from DEK Drain® can:

  • Keep rainwater from pouring through your deck’s surface boards to the ground below, where it could potentially lead to soil erosion that could undermine your home’s structural integrity
  • Protect your deck from premature deterioration due to prolonged exposure to moisture
  • Prevent the buildup of mold and mildew that’s not only unsightly, but may also pose a health hazard to your family

Moreover, the water diversion decking systems available from DEK Drain® are easy to install, requiring no special tools or messy caulk and sealants. They’re also covered by a limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

To find out which of the water diversion decking systems from DEK Drain® would best suit your needs, contact us today. We proudly ship our systems to homeowners and business owners throughout the United States and Canada and across the globe.

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