Under deck ceiling systems offer homeowners a great way to double the use of their decks by helping them create a welcoming, sheltered living space below the deck’s surface. Having a finished ceiling installed below your second-story deck will give you the opportunity to add overhead lights and a fan, so that you and your guests can sit under your deck in comfort and enjoy the fresh air, even when it’s raining.

To protect your investment in an under-deck ceiling, however, you’ll want to have a reliable deck drainage system in place. In fact, moisture can damage not only your finished ceiling and the living space below your deck, but also the structural integrity of the deck itself. Fortunately, whether you have an existing deck or are getting ready to start construction on one, DEK Drain® has the ideal water diversion system to safeguard your investment. Our deck drainage systems perform more reliably than other options on the market because they’re made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material – not the less-durable plastic or metal used in other systems. This material remains flexible and provides a reliable seal, even in temperatures well below freezing, which makes it ideal for all regions of the United States and Canada.

For homeowners interested in a deck drainage option that will provide dependable protection for their under-deck ceiling, we offer these DEK Drain® profiles:

  • TOPSIDE® – This system is installed on top of the deck joists during construction before the decking surface is affixed. It keeps all of the deck framing dry and also prevents water from penetrating to the under-deck area.
  • UNDERSIDE® – Made for existing decks, this profile is installed on the bottom of the joists and can be adapted to work with under-deck ceilings by adding a build-down frame.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED – This profile is installed from beneath the deck and recessed into the bay areas that are formed by the joists. This allows the homeowner to attach a finished ceiling to the bottom of the joists.

To learn more about how the exceptional water diversion systems from DEK Drain® can help homeowners enjoy under deck ceiling systems without worrying about water damage, contact us today.

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