What does the limerick say? “April showers bring May flowers?” That may very well be true, but now it’s June, and summer downpours bring nothing but the potential for splits, cracks, rot, and mold if you own a deck. Not only that, but torrential rains breaching the surface of your deck may ultimately lead to soil erosion on the ground below, posing a significant threat to your landscape AND your home’s foundation. This is why it’s important to protect your deck.

All this being said, you’ve toiled all fall and spring to prep your deck for sunshiny summer fun, and you don’t want to cover everything with a tarp and stare longingly at what could’ve been.

What is a deck owner to do?

Well, for starters – staining is one of the primary ways to protect a wooden deck from the elements. You’ll want to take care of this early on, however, and be sure to stain your deck only when the weatherman is not calling for precipitation of any kind. Rainfall can wreak havoc on all of that hard work fast, causing peeling, flaking, and a spotty appearance. A majority of store-bought stains not only repel water but also protect your wooden deck’s finish against the sun’s bleaching UV rays.

Second, and perhaps even more importantly, consider installing an underdeck drainage system that will redirect rainwater away from your deck’s joists while protecting its frame, preventing premature deterioration.

DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE solution, for example, delivers an effective seal that withstands extreme temperatures, while offering comprehensive protection against weather conditions. Better yet, it provides a fully functional and endlessly customizable dry deck space below, doubling the use of your decking investment.

Keep in mind: durability is paramount when installing an underdeck drainage system. The best contenders implement custom-cut panels fabricated from a rubber membrane material. This ensures flexibility during unpredictable drops or spikes in temperature while creating a tight seal around the systems’ fasteners.

But there’s more:

  • Quality rubber membrane panels will never warp, crack, or peel – but will provide the utmost protection against pouring rains.
  • Pre-cut panels are designed to match the exact specifications of your deck, allowing for simple, straightforward installation for decks of any size or shape – whether completed by a professional contractor or a homeowner.
  • With DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® system, no adhesives, caulk, or other sealants are required – ever – which cuts down on hassles and clean-up.
  • The best water management systems can help by diverting and capturing rainwater that runs off your deck, which reduces both waste and the risk of erosion near your home.

Summer is notorious for fierce thunderstorms and torrential downpours in many areas. DEK Drain leads the charge in preparing your deck for whatever precipitation the season sends our way. Contact us today to find out how we can help you protect your deck during the summer months and throughout the entire year.

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