Whether you’re considering a deck drainage system for your existing deck or a brand new one, make sure you take a close look at the systems available from DEK Drain®. We’ve helped countless homeowners expand the usable space of their homes by creating a sheltered area below their deck that can be used for storage or relaxing with family and friends. You, too, can do this with an outstanding deck drainage system from DEK Drain®.

Our patented water diversion solutions have been developed to meet a wide variety of needs. For homeowners embarking on new deck construction, we’ve developed the TOPSIDE® profile, which is installed under the deck boards over the frame to provide the ultimate waterproof protection. For those with existing decks, there’s DEK Drain® UNDERSIDE®, which is installed under the deck. These systems provide the ideal deck drainage solution because:

  • They’re made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that, unlike the plastic typically found in other deck protection systems, remains pliable, even in freezing weather. This material is the reason DEK Drain® outperforms any other deck drainage system on the market. We also custom-cut the panels to fit the dimensions of your deck, so that our systems are easier to install and there is no waste.
  • They’re available in profiles that will allow you to install a finished ceiling, complete with lights and a fan, to enhance your below-deck living space.
  • They will stop water from soaking your deck’s frame – a leading cause of premature deterioration – and prevent water from eroding your landscaping or causing damaging mold growth, making these systems a wise investment, even for ground-level decks.

No matter which deck drainage system from DEK Drain® is right for you, it will come with a transferable limited lifetime warranty that gives you the assurance that your investment is protected. For more information, contact us today.

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