A DEK Drain® Underdecking System Is the Best Way to Double the Use of Your Deck in Toronto, ON

A reliable underdecking system for water diversion is critical to the development of dry, usable space under your elevated deck if you live in Toronto, Ontario, which typically experiences rain or snow for nearly 40 percent of the year. Whether you want a fully equipped patio below your deck or simply a dry space to store lawn care equipment or a golf cart, you need an underdecking system you can count on to prevent rain or snowmelt from penetrating your deck’s surface and soaking the area below.

For the best underdecking system to meet your needs in the Toronto, ON, area, turn to DEK Drain®. Our deck drainage systems are crafted from a specially formulated rubber membrane material, which is ultra-durable and provides an exceptional level of protection in regions like Toronto, where bitterly cold winters and hot, humid summers can take their toll on the plastic or metal substrate typically used in other underdecking systems. Plus, our water diversion systems are easy to install and adaptable to just about any type of deck. Here’s a brief description of our main DEK Drain® profiles:

  • TOPSIDE® – This profile is installed on top of a deck’s joist framing during construction or during a restoration project before the deck surface is affixed.
  • UNDERSIDE® and UNDERSIDE® RECESSED – These underdecking profiles are designed to prevent water from penetrating the surface of existing decks and are installed on the bottom of the deck joists or recessed into the bays formed by the joists.
  • DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® – This profile is designed for homeowners who are building a deck and want to protect the frame and joists from moisture exposure but aren’t ready to invest in a full-fledged DEK Drain® underdecking system. In addition to protecting the structural integrity of your deck, installing this system will facilitate the later installation of an UNDERSIDE® profile.

To find out which of our dependable underdecking systems is the best one for your deck, contact DEK Drain® today. We proudly ship our exceptional underdecking systems to customers in Toronto, ON, and throughout Canada and the United States.