Why You Want the Superior Underdecking Protection of a DEK Drain® System for Your Deck in Seattle, WA

Many people think about getting an underdecking system to divert water from their raised deck because they want to enjoy usable space underneath that’s sheltered from the rain. In places like Seattle, Washington, a coastal area that’s prone to frequent rainfall, an effective underdecking system can also help preserve the structural integrity of a deck by protecting it from excessive moisture exposure. This means homeowners can enjoy their decks for a longer period of time before costly repairs or replacement is needed.

The key to enjoying both reliably dry, usable space under a deck and extending its serviceable life for as long as possible is the quality of the underdecking system that’s installed. If you’re considering having an underdecking system installed on your existing deck or one you plan to build in the Seattle, WA, area, you’ll want to give serious consideration to choosing a deck drainage system from DEK Drain.® Our water diversion systems are superior to other underdecking options on the market because they’re:

  • Made from an ultra-durable, specially formulated rubber membrane material that provides a better seal against water leakage and also endures the rigors of saltwater spray, humidity and seasonal extremes in temperature better than the plastic or metal materials typically found in other underdecking products
  • Easier to install than other deck drainage systems because they’re custom-cut to fit the measurements of your deck before we ship them to you for installation, plus there’s no messy sealant required and we provide detailed instructions tailored to the specific DEK Drain® profile you choose
  • Covered by a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, which provides the highest level of warranty protection in the industry

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the exceptional underdecking systems available from DEK Drain® and help you choose the one that’s ideal for your specific needs in the Seattle, WA, area. Contact us today to get started. Our deck drainage systems are available for shipping to customers worldwide.