DEK Drain® Has the Underdecking Solutions You Need to Enjoy Dry Space Below Your Deck in the Portland, OR, Area

An underdecking system that diverts rainwater away from your deck before it can cause a soggy mess underneath is a smart investment if you live in Portland, Oregon, or one of the surrounding communities. Residents of this region can expect up to 145 days of precipitation per year, which means the space below an elevated deck that’s not protected by a reliable underdecking system could be unusable for more than a third of the year. When you invest in one of the deck drainage systems available from DEK Drain®, however, you’ll be able to enjoy dry space under your deck for storage or outdoor entertaining, no matter how wet it is outside.

Our underdecking systems offer the ideal deck protection for homeowners in the Portland, OR, area because they’re fabricated from a tough, specially formulated rubber membrane material that provides an exceptional seal against moisture. The characteristics of rubber also allow us to offer underdecking systems that are:

  • Versatile – We will custom-cut your deck drainage system to fit the precise dimensions of your deck, whether you have a deck under construction, in the planning stages or already built. This means we can provide an underdecking solution that will protect even odd-shaped decks and boathouses.
  • Easy to install – Our water diversion systems require no special tools or messy sealants to install, and they come with detailed instructions and unlimited customer support in the event you or your contractor has questions during the installation process.
  • Ultra-durable – The rubber membrane substrate of our underdecking systems won’t rot or corrode, even when exposed to the saltwater spray of a coastal area. Our systems also won’t crack and become susceptible to water leaks when exposed to seasonal changes in temperature, the way that systems made from plastic can.

What’s more, our superior underdecking systems are backed by a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, which is a level of warranty protection you’ll be hard-pressed to find in this industry.

Contact DEK Drain® today for more information about the ideal underdecking system to suit your specific deck protection needs at your Portland, OR, home or business. We proudly ship our DEK Drain® systems to customers worldwide.