Turn to DEK Drain® for the Best Under Deck Drainage System for Your Deck in the Seattle, WA, Area

An under deck drainage system from DEK Drain® is the solution you’ve been looking for if you’re tired of watching water seep through the surface boards of your deck in Seattle, Washington, every time it rains. Many people have been able to double the use of their decks by installing one of our reliable water diversion systems to create dry, usable space under the deck’s surface.

There are several reasons why a DEK Drain® system is the one you want for your existing deck or the one you’re planning to build in the Seattle, WA, area. In coastal areas like Seattle, an effective deck drainage system must be able to withstand constant exposure to saltwater spray and moisture-laden air, along with frequent downpours. The thick, specially formulated rubber membrane material of our water diversion systems provides ideal protection in a coastal climate because it won’t rust, corrode, crack or lose its flexibility, even in the face of prolonged moisture exposure and frequent seasonal fluctuations in temperatures. Deck drainage systems that are manufactured with plastic or metal materials simply can’t compete with the longevity of rubber.

Some of the other reasons to turn to DEK Drain® when you want to create reliably dry, usable space under your deck include:

  • Exceptional customer service – Our deck drainage systems are easy to install and require no specialized tools or messy sealants. We make installation even easier with meticulous labeling of each system’s components and by providing free, unlimited customer support by phone or email in the event you or your contractor has questions.
  • Versatility – We can provide a DEK Drain® profile that meets your needs whether you have an existing deck, a leaf-shaped deck or some other configuration that’s hard to fit or a deck that’s under construction or being restored.
  • Warranty protection – All of our DEK Drain® systems are covered by a limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

To find out more about the ways an under deck drainage system from DEK Drain® can add to your enjoyment of your home in Seattle, WA, contact us today.