What to Look for in an Under Deck Drainage System for Your Deck in the Toronto, ON, Area

Installing an under deck drainage system is the first step toward enjoying extra usable space below the deck of your home or business in the Toronto, Ontario, area. But are all deck drainage systems pretty much the same? Not at all. Particularly in geographical regions like Toronto, where winters bring temperatures well below freezing and summers can be hot and humid, you will need a water diversion system you can count on to withstand the elements and prevent rain and snow from penetrating your deck’s surface and soaking the area below.

That’s one reason the deck drainage systems from DEK Drain® provide the best way for residents of the Toronto, ON, area to enjoy reliably dry space below their decks for storage or outdoor entertaining. Our water diversion systems are manufactured using a specially formulated rubber membrane material that outperforms the plastic or metal substrate used in other systems on the market because:

  • Rubber remains pliable, even in temperatures well below freezing, which means our systems can be installed in any kind of weather.
  • Rubber is inert; it won’t expand and contract with seasonal changes in temperature the way other materials do, which translates into a better seal against water penetration and also prevents cracking and premature deterioration. It also won’t rust or corrode when exposed to years of moisture the way metal does.
  • The rubber membrane in a DEK Drain® system is 45 mils in thickness, which is more than twice the thickness of the plastic material typically used in other deck drainage systems.

What’s more, the water diversion systems from DEK Drain® are available in profiles to fit existing decks, decks in the planning stages or under construction or even custom-shaped decks, such as leaf designs or multilevel decks. They’re also easy to install, requiring no specialized tools or messy sealants.

No matter what type of deck you have in the Toronto, ON, area, DEK Drain® has the ideal under deck drainage system to help you double the use of your deck by providing reliably dry space underneath. Contact us today, and we’ll discuss your needs and help you determine which of our exceptional systems is right for you.