What’s Under Your Deck? You Could Protect Your Home and Have More Room to Work or Play with an UNDERSIDE® Drainage System from DEK Drain®

Under DeckThe square footage under the raised deck at your home doesn’t need to be wasted space. In fact, you could significantly expand your usable outdoor living area with an innovative, protective drainage system from DEK Drain®. Even if your above-ground deck is already built and you’ve been enjoying the “above” side for years, you can still have a DEK Drain® system installed that will keep the area under your deck dry and suitable for entertaining guests, storing gardening equipment or perhaps housing a workshop.

DEK Drain’s patented UNDERSIDE® water diversion system is specifically designed to be installed on existing decks. This system features protective panels that are custom fabricated from a long-lasting, thick rubber membrane material and then attached to the bottom of your deck’s joists to capture water slipping through the surface boards into the area under the deck. This material outperforms the other deck drainage systems on the market, which typically rely on less durable plastic. Moreover, when you choose our UNDERSIDE® system, you’ll receive:

  • Panels that are pre-cut to match the measurements of your deck and, unlike many other deck drainage systems on the market, are easy to install without the use of messy sealants and caulk
  • Detailed instructions for your specific under deck project and free, unlimited support by phone or email from our knowledgeable staff, should you or your installer have questions during the installation process
  • A lifetime warranty that’s transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home

DEK Drain® also offers a profile of this system called UNDERSIDE® RECESSED, which is installed under the deck, recessed up in the bays formed between the joists. Choosing this system will allow you to install a finished ceiling with lights, fans and other accessories so that you can have all the comforts of indoor living in the dry space under your deck.

To learn more about the DEK Drain® water diversion systems designed for installation under an existing deck, contact us today. We proudly serve homeowners throughout the United States and Canada.

View the UNDERSIDE® system gallery to see the construction process.