What’s Under Your Deck in Toronto, ON? More Usable Space Could Be Yours with a DEK Drain® System

Is the space under your deck going to waste because rain and snow fall between the surface boards and threaten to ruin any items you might store underneath? DEK Drain® has the ideal water diversion system that will allow you to enjoy reliably dry space under your elevated deck in Toronto or a neighboring Ontario community. In fact, when you install one of our DEK Drain® systems, you’ll have the option of outfitting the space below your deck with all the trappings of a full-fledged party center, including a beverage bar and seating under a finished ceiling and overhead lights. And you won’t have to worry that moisture from above will soak your under deck haven.

Whether you have an existing deck or one under construction in Toronto, ON, DEK Drain® has a reliable deck drainage system to meet your needs. Our under deck systems are ideal for decks in this region because they’re manufactured from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that stands up to weather conditions better than the plastic or metal used in other deck drainage products. Rubber is far more flexible than plastic, which allows our systems to resist cracking during the seasonal swings in temperature. Plus, unlike metal, rubber won’t rust after prolonged moisture exposure and high humidity.

Some of the other great reasons to choose under deck protection from DEK Drain® are:

  • Ease of installation – Our systems are pre-cut to fit the precise dimensions of your deck, so you won’t have to worry about measuring at the job site or paying for wasted materials. What’s more, you won’t need specialized tools or messy sealants to install our systems.
  • Extra thickness for more reliable protection – Our substrate is more than twice the thickness of the plastic substrate typically used in deck drainage products. This thickness, combined with the flexibility of rubber, produces a more reliable seal against moisture penetration than other systems on the market.
  • Exceptional warranty protection – Your DEK Drain® system will be covered by our fully transferable limited lifetime warranty, which is the best warranty available in the industry.

For more information about the advantages of installing a DEK Drain® water diversion system under your deck in the Toronto, ON, area, contact us today.