The Under Deck Roof System that Will Create Dry, Usable Space Below Your Deck in Toronto, ON

If you’ve imagined having a roof under your deck to keep rain from pouring through the cracks in the deck’s surface and soaking everything underneath, then a reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain® is just what you need. Our deck drainage systems are the ideal solution to the problem of rain and snow that keep you from fully enjoying your elevated deck in Toronto, Ontario – both above the surface boards when the weather is nice and below when it’s wet outside.

With a reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain®, the space under your raised deck can be turned into a sheltered family retreat, complete with furniture and a refreshment center. Or perhaps you’d prefer to use that dry area for storage of lawn care equipment, ladders and other home maintenance items that are taking up valuable space in your garage. Whatever the reason you’re interested in an under deck roof, we have the ideal deck drainage system to meet your needs in Toronto, ON, or one of the surrounding communities. Indeed, our systems are better than others on the market because:

  • They’re made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that stands up to the frigid winters and other weather conditions of this region better than the plastic and metal typically used in other systems.
  • They’re available in profiles to fit existing decks as well as decks under construction and leaf-shaped platforms or other custom-designed decks.
  • They’re easy to install because they’re custom-cut to fit the precise dimensions of your deck before we ship them to you, and there are no specialized tools or messy caulks and sealants required for installation.

What’s more, you won’t find an under deck roof system with better warranty protection than the warranty you’ll receive from DEK Drain®. All of our deck drainage systems are covered by a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty.

Contact DEK Drain® today to tell us about the under deck roof system you’re envisioning for your home in the Toronto, ON, area. We’ll be happy to tell you more about our systems and help you choose the one that will work best for you.