What Would You Do with an Under Deck Roof System at Your Home in the Denver, CO, Area?

If you’ve been picturing the space under your deck with a roof to keep the rain and snow away, you’re hardly alone. Deck drainage systems that prevent precipitation from seeping through the cracks in the surface of an elevated deck have become popular among homeowners who are looking to get better use out of the space below. If you’re considering investing in an under deck roof system for the raised deck of your home in Denver, Colorado, you’ll want to choose the most reliable protection possible. That means you’ll want an under-deck water diversion system from DEK Drain®.

Our deck drainage systems provide the best protection against moisture for decks in Denver, CO, and other areas where below-freezing temperatures are a common occurrence. The specially formulated rubber membrane material that makes up every DEK Drain® system is the reason. Unlike the plastic or metal that’s typically found in competing deck drain systems, this material won’t contract and expand with changes in temperature, and that creates a better seal against moisture. Rubber also won’t grow brittle and crack like plastic or corrode due to moisture exposure like metal. Plus, because of the versatility of this material, we can provide the ideal under deck roof system to meet your needs, whether you’re planning to build a deck or you’ve been enjoying your deck for years.

When you have the reliable protection of a deck drainage system from DEK Drain®, you’ll be able to add valuable usable space that’s suitable for:

  • A sheltered outdoor entertainment area, complete with a fireplace, refreshment bar and seating
  • Storage of lawn care equipment, ladders and other home maintenance items that may be taking up space in your garage
  • The workshop you’ve always wanted, with a spacious workbench and storage areas for all your tools

Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to listen to your plans and help you choose the perfect under deck roof system from DEK Drain® to meet your needs. Contact us today for more information. We proudly ship our exceptional deck drainage systems to customers in Denver, CO, and throughout the United States and Canada.