Put the Space Under Your Deck to Good Use with a DEK Drain® Protection System for Your Deck in Denver, CO

The empty space under your elevated deck is just waiting to be transformed into a sheltered outdoor living area or a storage room that’s safe from the rain and snow. And DEK Drain® has the ideal water diversion system to help you put that space to good use, plus get long-lasting protection of your deck against the weather conditions that typically occur in the Denver, Colorado, area.

Although many homeowners begin researching deck drainage systems because they want to get better use out of the space under a deck or boathouse, the right water diversion system can also help preserve the structural integrity of the deck itself by protecting it from prolonged moisture exposure. If you have a deck in Denver, CO, or you’re planning to build one, DEK Drain® has the deck drainage system you need to not only prevent rain and snow from seeping through the surface boards, but also stand up to the below-freezing temperatures that occur in this region for much of the year. Our under deck drainage systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that won’t expand and contract with seasonal temperature changes, which means our systems provide a more consistent and reliable seal against moisture penetration than other systems on the market.

The rubber membrane material of our DEK Drain® systems also makes it the ideal under deck solution because:

  • Rubber won’t crack or rust, despite many years of exposure to the elements.
  • It can be custom-cut to precisely fit your deck and meet your specific needs, whether you’re building a new deck and want total protection for the deck frame and joists or you have an existing deck and you want to dry in the under deck area.
  • It creates systems that are easy to install. Your deck builder or a homeowner who’s handy around the house likely has the skills to install a DEK Drain® system, and there are no special tools or messy sealants required.

To find out which of our deck drainage systems will best protect your deck from moisture exposure and provide usable space under your deck in the Denver, CO, area, contact DEK Drain® today.