Get Reliable DEK Drain® Protection Before You Install a Ceiling Under Your Deck in Toronto, ON

If your plans for a cozy retreat under your raised deck include a finished ceiling with overhead lights and a fan, you’ll want to be certain that your investment is protected from the rain and snow that homeowners must deal with in Toronto, Ontario, and the surrounding area. That’s why you’ll want to install a reliable deck drainage system from DEK Drain® before you have that under deck ceiling installed.

Our water diversion systems are crafted from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that provides a more reliable seal than other deck drainage systems on the market and also better withstands the dramatic temperature fluctuations of the Toronto, ON, area. Whether you have an existing deck, you’re building a deck or your deck is in the planning stages, we have a DEK Drain® profile that will allow you to install a finished under deck ceiling with confidence that it will be protected from moisture that seeps in from above. Here are three basic options to consider:

  • TOPSIDE® system – This is the preferred profile for homeowners who are building a deck or replacing the surface boards of an existing deck. It provides the optimal level of protection because it’s affixed to the joist framing before the surface boards go on, which means all of the deck framing is protected from moisture. A finished under deck ceiling can then be attached directly to the underside of the joists.
  • UNDERSIDE® system – With this profile, the protective rubber membrane is affixed to the bottom of the joists of an existing deck. For homeowners who want a decorative ceiling, the deck frame can be extended down to provide a place to attach the ceiling.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED – This profile also is designed for existing decks. The substrate is installed from beneath the deck and recessed into the bay areas that are formed by the joists. This allows a finished ceiling to be attached to the bottom of the joists.

We’ll be happy to listen to your plans for an under deck ceiling and help you select the ideal DEK Drain® system to meet your needs. Contact us today to get started. We proudly ship our DEK Drain® systems to residents of Toronto, ON, and other communities throughout Canada and the United States.