Are You Thinking of Installing a Finished Ceiling Under Your Deck in Portland, OR? You Need a DEK Drain® System First

under deck ceiling portlandA finished under deck ceiling is a terrific option for homeowners with raised decks in Portland, Oregon, who would like to enjoy outdoor seating that’s sheltered from the rain. Many homeowners choose to outfit their finished ceilings with overhead lights and a fan for even more comfort in their open-air havens below their decks. But that represents a significant investment. If you’re considering having a finished ceiling installed below your deck, you’ll want to turn to DEK Drain® to get the protection of the best under-deck drainage system available.

A DEK Drain® system will provide the ideal protection against moisture that could damage your beautiful under deck ceiling. Our water diversion systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that will provide a reliable seal and also stand up to the weather conditions that are typical of the Portland, OR, area. What’s more, we can provide a dependable deck drainage system that meets your needs whether you’re building a deck or you’ve had one for years. In fact, this superior DEK Drain® protection is available in three different profiles – each with easy installation instructions – for homeowners who are preparing their decks for an under deck ceiling. These profiles are:

  • UNDERSIDE® – This DEK Drain® profile is appropriate for homeowners with an existing deck who are willing to build down the deck frame to attach the ceiling material of their choice.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED – For those who don’t wish to build down the deck frame, we offer this profile, which allows our DEK Drain® panels to be recessed inside the bay area between the deck joists. The under deck ceiling will then be attached to the bottom of the deck joists.
  • TOPSIDE® – This system is designed to be installed during new deck construction or when the surface boards are being replaced on an existing deck frame. TOPSIDE® panels are attached to the top of the deck’s joists before the surface is installed, thus preventing moisture from reaching the area below.

We’ll be happy to help you choose a DEK Drain® system that will provide reliable and long-lasting protection for your finished under deck ceiling in Portland, OR. Contact us today for more information.



Install UNDERSIDE® System


Install Between Joists


Install Electrical


Install Ceiling Panels

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