Planning to Install an Under Deck Ceiling? First, Get a DEK Drain® Protection System for Your Deck in the Denver, CO, Area

If a finished ceiling under your deck is part of your plan for a cozy retreat below the surface of your second-story deck in the Denver, Colorado, area, make sure it’s well-protected from rain and snow with a reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain®.  Many homeowners these days are discovering the joys of entertaining friends and family under their decks in open-air sheltered spaces that include polished wood or textured ceilings outfitted with overhead fans and light fixtures. This is a great way to enjoy extra living space at considerably less expense than building an enclosed room, but an under deck ceiling is still an investment you’ll want to protect.

That’s why you’ll want to install a deck drainage system from DEK Drain® before you put in your beautiful under deck ceiling. Our systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material, which is the best material to weather the below-freezing temperatures that residents of Denver, CO, experience for much of the year. Unlike the plastic often used in other deck drainage systems, including those that may be included in a ready-made, all-in-one under deck ceiling system, our rubber membrane material won’t become brittle and crack in extremely cold weather.

Other reasons that a DEK Drain® system is a better choice include:

  • Ease of installation – Many all-in-one under-deck drainage and ceiling systems require a specially trained contractor with specialized tools to install them, which adds to the expense. A deck builder or a handy homeowner typically has the skills needed to install one of our systems, and there are no messy sealants or specialized tools required.
  • Adaptability – Our DEK Drain® systems are not only available for existing decks and decks that are being built, but also leaf-shaped and multilevel decks that can be hard to fit.
  • Exceptional warranty protection – Unlike other deck drainage systems, a DEK Drain® system is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that’s transferable to the next homeowner should you sell your home.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the advantages of installing a DEK Drain® system before you build a finished ceiling under your deck in the Denver, CO, area. Contact us today for more information.