What’s the Best Use of the Space Under Your Deck in the Atlanta, GA, Area? Find Out With a Reliable Deck Drainage System from DEK Drain®

If you’ve been eyeing the area under your deck in the Atlanta, Georgia, area and thinking there could be some valuable living space there if only you could keep the rain out, then DEK Drain® has the perfect solution for you. We take pride in providing homeowners and business owners with the most reliable, durable and easy-to-install under deck drainage systems on the market, thereby allowing them to enjoy additional dry space below their decks for storage, a sheltered patio, parking a golf cart or some other use.

The key to the superiority of our water diversion systems is their fabrication from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that stands up to the seasonal extremes of temperature in the Atlanta, GA, area better than the plastic or metal typically found in competitors’ systems. In fact, the properties of rubber allow our under deck systems to:

  • Remain flexible in temperatures well below freezing, which means a DEK Drain® system won’t become brittle and crack the way plastic can, thus exposing your under deck area to potential water leaks
  • Create a better seal around fasteners, which also provides protection against water penetration that’s superior to other substrates
  • Be more versatile and easier to install than systems made from other materials because our substrate can be custom-cut to fit the precise measurements of any deck, and our under deck systems can be installed with no need for messy sealants or specialized tools

What’s more, our DEK Drain® systems are backed by a limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home. That’s a level of protection you’ll be hard-pressed to find offered from any other deck drainage system company.

Whether you have an existing deck or you’re planning to build one, we have the ideal water diversion system to allow you to enjoy an open-air spot under your deck that’s sheltered from rain and snow. Contact DEK Drain® today to find out how you can have one of these ultra-reliable systems shipped to your home or business in Atlanta, GA, or anywhere in the United States or Canada.