“Wanted to thank your company for all your help with this great quality product. Easy and fast installation is making it an ideal product of this winter installation. Thanks again!”


“The product went in great and is performing as promised.Thank you for all your help and feedback on my first install. A great product with a great warranty. I will be a repeat customer as often as I am able.”


“Just wrapped up the job and I have some pictures I will send you as promised. We had some terrible weather down here last few weeks with little to no sunshine. I have an interesting story though for you. We got all the materail stapled down and it snowed over 4 inches one night (that’s a lot for us here in Louisiana) before we started the decking portion of the project. Even with all that weight, the staples held the material in place. I took a picture for you of the snow filled flush to the top of the panels as well. Got the boards down, it rained over a inch Monday and not a single leak. Everyone was very satisfied.”


“DEK Drain has solved a serious problem for us. Hatteras Island is the Hurricane Capital of the World. Located 30 miles out in the Atlantic, our weather can be quite severe. Most of our cottages here have stacked decks and when it rains (which is often!), guests cannot use the outdoor decks. Now that DEK Drain has been installed, mold and mildew are a thing of the past and the decks can be enjoyed in any weather. Our installations have been through four hurricanes and six tropical storms, without damage! If DEK Drain can survive here, it can perform anywhere!”


“Just wanted to let you know I got the shipment this week. Installed it this Saturday. The installation went up easy. Got the deck boards up on Sunday. Looks great! I look forward to testing it with the 1st rain. Thanks for the great product. Very simple, yet effective design!


“The materials arrived on time and I finished the job within the time frame I had to work with. The client is very satisfied with your product and expended the project by adding recessed lighting, over head heaters and perimeter curtains.So I just wanted to to thank you for your input helping me achieve this result. Also, I appreciate and accept your offer to post my contact info on your website. I would like to do more of this projects. The work input to client satisfaction ratio is very good with minimum risk for complications or added cost.”


“I bought your system several years ago. I was skeptical. It seemed too simple and a little pricey. We have enjoyed our underdeck area and are so glad we did it. It works well. It was money well spent. We are now doing another area. Thank you for the solution to our problem.”


“The DEK Drain® system was created by Keith Risser. He is known as an expert in home improvement. This man set out to create a deck drainage system that would top all others and according to some customer reviews this is precisely what he has done. They say that this particular system is: easy to install, less expensive than other choices, leak proof, and made from durable materials. All of these characteristics would be hard to beat.”


“I wanted to pass along my experience with my Dek Drain system. I had the system installed along with my deck in the spring. At about the same time, I had a water backup in the basement and we had to pull everything out so that it could be cleaned up and remodeled. We didn’t have much space in the house so we put all the big pieces of furniture under the deck since it had been waterproofed. We placed a tarp over top for any moisture that could come in from the sides and hoped for the best. It took much longer to fix the basement then we had originally hoped and that furniture stayed under the deck for several months, completely dry.

This system has given us space we didn’t have before it was installed and was a huge help when we needed it most. Thank you Keith and dek drain for a superb product.”


“I recently installed your product for a client and they love it.  I  enjoyed installing it and it was profitable.  Please send local leads my  way.”


“Thanks for your understanding and assistance with my DEK Drain project. Your solution of adding 2″x2″ to extend the drop bracing worked perfectly. We are looking forward to spending time underneath our new dry deck! It’s quite beautiful. Everyone that sees it is amazed at how it is engineered and how great it looks!”


“I recently built a new deck for a client in Palmyra, PA and installed the DEK Drain system for the first time. I was amazed how simple the installation was, how happy the clients were, and the product kept the deck area completely dry underneath. Money well spent!!”


“I purchased the dekdrain materials last November, and my wife and I finally got to installing it over the weekend. There was sufficient material, it all fit well with few adjustments, and installation was relatively easy. Our difficulty was having decided to use the “new construction” method, which meant taking off and replacing all the surface boards. That was a big job, which we haven’t yet completed, but it looks good from below and will allow us to put in some lights. Now we’re looking forward to a heavy rain, to test it. Thanks for your assistance and instructions at the time of purchase.”


“The Topside system worked out well. It took two of us less than a day to install. We haven’t tested it yet but I’m pretty certain it will work just fine…I’ll let you know. And yes, you can put my contact info on your website. Thanks for helping me and getting the material out to me so quickly.”


“DEK Drain would allow for air flow. The rubber panels would be fairly close to bottom side of deck boards at the high side, but they are made so they sag as they get to the outside, creating the pitch in the system. This should allow for sufficient air flow. The people at dek drain were very helpful too. In fact , i talked to the inventor of the system several times about a some different questions that I had. The company was real good to work with.”


“Just wanted to pass along my appreciation for the product and service received. Unfortunately getting a product (any product) on time, as promised is all to often the exception, not the rule. Not so with Dekdrain. I received my complete order in exactly the time frame promised. More importantly the Dekdrain system was exactly as advertised. Relatively easy to install and…..IT WORKED! (Not always a realistic expectation when it comes to my construction projects). Needless to say I am very impressed with your product and company. So…..thank you.”


“I wanted to let you know that I liked working with your product and think it will be an effective system in our climate. The installation went very well as the product is pretty user-friendly and you sent me plenty of material to cover all my bases. I will definitely continue to recommend your product and would appreciate being added to your list of installation contractors. Thanks for your help and I look forward to working with your company in the future.”


“I am commenting on how pleased I am with your top deck system. It was very easy to install. Delivery was very quick. Your instructions for my specific deck was excellent. I wish all my projects went this well. I would recommend this to anyone wanting a dry deck system.”


“I am most pleased with the product. It is just what I was looking for when I found DEK Drain on the internet, and you were generous with the materials and shipping. The DEK Drain looks just like the pictures, and it works just like I had before, but it’s a better product. Underneath my deck looks better because the joist is painted black. It took me a couple of weeks to install because of the cold and rain, and being that I am 77 years old, but I did it!


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