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The product went in great and is performing as promised.Thank you for all your help and feedback on my first install. A great product with a great warranty. I will be a repeat customer as often as I am able.


Just wrapped up the job and I have some pictures I will send you as promised. We had some terrible weather down here last few weeks with little to no sunshine. I have an interesting story though for you. We got all the materail stapled down and it snowed over 4 inches one night (that’s a lot for us here in Louisiana) before we started the decking portion of the project. Even with all that weight, the staples held the material in place. I took a picture for you of the snow filled flush to the top of the panels as well. Got the boards down, it rained over a inch Monday and not a single leak. Everyone was very satisfied.


I recently installed your product for a client and they love it. I enjoyed installing it and it was profitable. Please send local leads my way.


Thanks for your understanding and assistance with my DEK Drain project. Your solution of adding 2″x2″ to extend the drop bracing worked perfectly. We are looking forward to spending time underneath our new dry deck! It’s quite beautiful. Everyone that sees it is amazed at how it is engineered and how great it looks!


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