Dek Drain Products

The Dek Drain Advantage

System Design and Variations

There are two versions of the DEK Drain product:

Topside® For New Construction

DEK Drain Topside® is designed for new construction. The panels are attached to the top of the joists before the deck boards are fastened down. An added benefit of the Topside® system is Deck Frame Protection.

Underside® for Existing Decks

The Underside® product is installed under existing decks. The Underside® panels can either be attached to the bottom of the joists or recessed up inside the bay.

There are a total of six (6) DEK Drain system variations – two for Topside® and four for Underside. Many decks are cantilevered with the joists extending beyond the beam. With a cantilevered deck, reverse panels drain the portion of the deck beyond the beam. This variation is available for both Topside® and Underside® systems. In addition, there are two mounting options for the Underside® system.

Click to download complete Installation Instructions and diagrams for your specific project. Our Installation Gallery provides step by step photos of the installation process.

Flexible and Customizable

Decks come in all shapes and sizes. Deck builders use different systems for blocking and bracing. Rail posts may be positioned on the inside or outside of the framing structure.

DEK Drain is intimately familiar with all these scenarios and has developed customized under deck drainage options to adapt the system for any situation. For example, Post flashing kits prevent leaking around railing posts. Our system also comes with a limited Lifetime Warranty. Call 866-335-3724 for a consultation.

Dek Drain Water Diversion System