Outdoor Living

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space

Discover New Living Space Beneath Your Feet

The current economic crisis is causing many homeowners to “hunker down” and stay put. Many shrewd homeowners are looking for innovative ways to add cost effective living space to their existing home. What many of them don’t realize is that this space could be right beneath their feet.

Everyone wants to spend time outside. People want a home with a comfortable flow between indoor and outdoor living spaces. Outdoor remodeling is one improvement that almost always offers a good return on investment. Visit our Outdoor Living Gallery.


Personalizing Your Outdoor Living Area

This trend is reinforced by a wealth of new products to differentiate outdoor living space offering a level of personalization once reserved only for interior spaces. These amenities include ceilings, recessed lighting, fans, fireplaces, heat lamps, hot tubs, hammocks, porch swings, and even 3-season rooms!

A deck drainage system can also create new space for increasingly popular sunrooms or screened-in porches, which provide an escape from rain and bugs. For some, these spaces offer a nostalgic connection with pre-air conditioned nature. The screened-in porch becomes a summer family room.


An Environmentally Conscious Lifestyle

Deck drainage systems have also been recognized for their contribution to the environment by inclusion in custom “green” homes. The efficient use of space is the first principle of green building. A home with a modest footprint requires fewer building materials and less energy to heat and cool. Deck drainage systems also capture rainwater for other uses, reduce erosion, and prevent the growth of mold and mildew.


Advantages of a Concealed System

Some deck drainage systems are built into ready-made drop ceilings. This increases the cost of the system and limits design options. Often the material, color and finish of these drop ceilings don’t complement a natural outdoor ambiance. These built-in drop ceilings also present challenges when installing lighting and fans.

The DEK Drain Topside® system is virtually invisible, even with no ceiling, tucked up high in the bays of the deck. This concealed system presents no limit on ceiling materials, finishes and fixtures to create a spectacular outdoor living space. DEK Drain also keeps all of the deck framing DRY!

Transform Your Outdoor Living Space