How to Order

How to Order

The DEK Drain system is adaptable to decks of many styles, shapes and sizes. We often provide phone consultations, but many proposals are based on information which is either emailed or faxed. To help us help you with your order please take a few simple measurements and gather the following information to save time when you contact us:

  1. Specify “New construction” (Topside) or modifying an “existing deck” (Underside)
  2. Distance from the ledger board to the inside face of the beam supporting your deck
  3. If the deck is cantilevered with joists extending beyond the support beam, measure the length of the overhang.
  4. The spacing of the joists (12″, 16″, 24″) center-to-center
  5. The number of bays (a bay is the space between 2 joists)
  6. Number of rail posts positioned inside the deck frame
  7. Any double or triple joist or odd spaced framing
  8. State and zip code where the order will be shipped


Sample drawings are always helpful. They do NOT need to be to scale but please include as many dimensions as possible.

You can provide this information either by phone, email or fax. Our staff is available 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM Eastern Time Monday through Friday and we will respond quickly—certainly no later than one business day.

Phone 866-DEK-DRAIN (1-866-335-3724)
Fax (toll free) 1-888-819-3232

We will work with you to design the right system for your project presenting you with a FIRM WRITTEN PROPOSAL including freight, insurance and taxes (when required). NO SURPRISES OR HIDDEN CHARGES.

We ship by UPS Ground, and the DEK Drain system can be delivered to your business, your home, your office, or anywhere it is convenient for you to receive packages.