Dry Boats with Dek Drain

Double the Use of Your Deck!

Decks enhance either a waterfront home or a marina. With a DEK Drain water diversion system, a raised deck can also provide a snug, dry storage facility for your boat.

The pre-fabricated DEK Drain panels are installed over the deck joists, capturing and redirecting rainwater away from your boat. A collection gutter is optional. The system is virtually invisible tucked up inside the joists.

A Proven Patented System

The unique cut of the panels allows the drainage trough to form automatically during installation. Cap strips are stapled on top of the joists for added protection. Installation of the decking boards holds the system in place permanently.

All components of the DEK Drain system are made from the same specially designed rubber membrane which is UV and ozone resistant, flexible, tough and resilient. It is anticipated that DEK Drain will last indefinitely and is backed by DEK Drain’s fully transferable LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Easy to Install

The DEK Drain materials are easily handled by one person. The only tools needed are a stapler and a pair of sharp scissors.. No measuring, gauging, sizing or special skills are necessary.

NO CAULK, ADHESIVE, GLUE OR SOLVENT of any kind is required to install the DEK Drain system.

The DEK Drain system is designed for installation by either professionals or do-it yourselfers. A list of professional installers is available at DEKDrain.com.