Dek Drain Products

Deck Frame Protection

In addition to creating dry space under your deck, the DEK Drain system also provides important protection for the joists framing your deck. One of the most common reasons for deck replacement is the deterioration of the deck frame because of rot and decay. The DEK Drain Topside® flashing, panels, and cap strips keep the deck frame bright, clean and dry.

Preservatives used in pressure-treating may not penetrate completely. Openings in the wood created by cutting and fastening expose the interior of the framing pieces to moisture and decay. This makes the deck frame vulnerable to the elements and starts an accelerating decay process that may occur throughout the entire substructure of the deck. Installing DEK Drain will extend the life of your deck.

Protection of the deck frame is such an important function that DEK Drain offers a lower cost stand- alone product specifically to protect the deck frame. Our Dog Eared Joist Flashing System also provides the foundation for complete Underside® installation of the DEK Drain system at a later date.