The Benefits of a Reliable Deck Drainage System for Your Home or Business in the Seattle, WA, Area

A reliable deck drainage system can allow you to double the use of your deck by keeping the under-deck area dry, even in the rainy Seattle, Washington, area. In fact, property owners throughout the United States and Canada who have invested in an under-deck drainage system from DEK Drain® have found numerous ways to use the dry space underneath their decks. Like them, when you have a DEK Drain® system installed, you’ll be able to use your under-deck area for:

  • Storage of golf carts, a boat, lawn furniture and other items that may be taking up valuable space in your garage or a shed
  • An outdoor seating area that’s sheltered from the sun and rain, so you can entertain guests or relax and enjoy the fresh air when you’re on your own
  • A true party spot, with a finished ceiling, overhead lights and a fan, and maybe an outdoor fireplace and refreshment bar

Indeed, the list of potential uses of a dry space under your deck is practically endless. A reliable deck drainage system can also provide critical protection for your deck from deterioration due to moisture exposure, and thus preserve the structural integrity of your deck for as long as possible.

As you consider investing in a water diversion system that will allow you to enjoy all the advantages of having a dry area below your deck, you’ll need to pay special attention to how effective the system is and how durable it will be in light of the weather that typically occurs in the Seattle, WA, area.

The deck drainage systems available from DEK Drain® are ideal for the cold and wet conditions typically experienced in this region because they’re made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material. This extra thick membrane creates a seal against moisture that’s superior to that of the plastic and metal used by competitors. Rubber also withstands below-freezing temperatures and the saltwater spray found in coastal areas better than other deck drainage materials.

Our deck drainage systems are available for existing decks and decks under construction. To find out which DEK Drain® system will best suit your needs in the Seattle, WA, area, contact us today.