The Most Reliable Deck Drainage System to Provide Dry & Usable Space Under Your Deck in Atlanta, GA

Rain will no longer drive you indoors when you install a deck drainage system from DEK Drain® under your raised deck in the Atlanta, Georgia, area. If rain or snow threatens the party on top of your deck, you can just move the fun below and enjoy dry space you can count on, thanks to the exceptional reliability of our water diversion systems that are suitable for all kinds of decks. Or, if you’re more in need of storage space than a party spot, one of our deck drainage systems is just what you need to create a dry place under your deck for all that home maintenance equipment that’s taking up valuable space in your garage.

There are many other advantages to installing a deck drainage system under your deck in the Atlanta, GA, area, including protection of the deck itself from prolonged exposure to moisture that results from precipitation and humidity. This can save you unnecessary expenditures by preventing the need for premature repairs or replacement of your deck. But the key to enjoying all of these benefits lies in choosing a reliable water diversion system that will stand up to the elements for many years to come. And that’s why you’ll want to install a deck drainage system from DEK Drain®. Our systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that:

  • Provides a better seal than the substrate materials used in other deck drainage systems
  • Remains flexible in temperatures well below freezing, which means it won’t grow brittle, crack and potentially allow water to seep into your under deck haven
  • Is easily adaptable to provide reliable protection for existing decks and even leaf-shaped or multilevel decks that can be difficult to outfit with a dependable water diversion system

To learn more about why DEK Drain® has the best deck drainage system options to meet the needs of homeowners in Atlanta, GA, and surrounding communities, contact us today. We also ship our exceptional systems to homes and businesses worldwide.