Our TOPSIDE® Deck Drain Systems Can Enhance the Outdoor Living Space of Homes throughout the United States & Canada

Deck Drain

If you could have a deck drain system that prevented rainwater from pouring through the boards to the ground below, what would you do with the dry space underneath your deck? Relax with family and friends in a shaded outdoor seating area that’s safe from the wet weather? Store all that lawn care equipment that’s been taking up valuable space in your garage? At DEK Drain®, we know you have better ideas for that under-deck area than to watch the water fall. Even if you have a ground-level deck, having one of our deck drain systems installed is a wise decision because it will prevent water from pooling underneath and causing mold and mildew growth that could damage your health and your home.

To help homeowners throughout the United States and Canada get more use from the space under their decks, we’ve developed the most effective, durable and versatile deck drain systems available on the market. Our patented TOPSIDE® system, for example, is designed to be installed during new deck construction, as the panels are attached to the top of the joists before affixing the deck boards. This method of application not only creates dry, usable space below by preventing precipitation from pouring through your deck’s surface, but also protects the framing of your deck from moisture, thereby preventing premature deterioration. Plus, TOPSIDE® deck drain panels leave enough space in the bay areas between the joists to allow for a finished ceiling to be installed beneath your deck, complete with a fan and lighting.

Some of the features that make our TOPSIDE® deck drain system the ideal water diversion solution include:

  • Easy installation – The panels are pre-cut to order by width and length so there’s no measuring, sizing or gauging necessary at the jobsite. You also won’t need messy caulk or sealant as is often required for installation of other deck drainage systems on the market.
  • Exceptional durability and flexibility – Our deck drain panels are fabricated from a specially formulated rubber membrane material, which is thicker and more flexible than the plastic typically used by our competitors. Because rubber is inert (it does not change dimension with changes in temperature), it will remain pliable well below freezing temperatures. Our rubber panels will not crack, peel, expand, shrink or warp. The installation of a DEK Drain® water diversion system is considered permanent and will never need to be replaced.
  • Adaptability to multiple sizes and shapes – Our deck drain systems work for a wide variety of framing schedules and sizes including hard-to-fit, leaf-shaped designs and boathouses. Because DEK Drain® provides exactly the materials needed for each job, there is no waste left over to clutter up the jobsite. (Many competitors provide a kit with limited length and width materials, so the installer has to use only what will fit your installation and then dispose of unnecessary materials).

In addition, TOPSIDE® and our other DEK Drain® systems come with a fully transferable lifetime warranty. You can have confidence that your investment is protected.

For more information about a TOPSIDE® deck drain system or our UNDERSIDE® system designed for installation under existing decks, contact DEK Drain® today.

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