A Long-Lasting Deck Drain System that Will Allow You to Double the Use of Your Deck in Toronto, ON

If you could drain your elevated deck in Toronto, Ontario, before rain or snow could penetrate to the area below, what would you do with your newfound dry space? Create an outdoor party center that’s sheltered from the sun and rain? Store your golf cart, bicycle or lawnmower there? The possibilities are practically limitless.

The key to enjoying all that extra living or storage space, however, is to invest in a reliable deck drain system that’s ideally suited to the climate in the Toronto, ON, area. That’s why you’ll want to turn to DEK Drain®. Our deck drain systems deliver reliable, long-lasting protection against moisture, even in this region that experiences warm, humid summers and below-freezing winter temperatures. How do we do that? By providing custom-cut water diversion systems made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material. This material outlasts and outperforms the plastic and metal substrate materials typically found in other deck drain systems because:

  • It won’t rust after years of exposure to rain and humidity, the way metal can. DEK Drain can reliably be used in saltwater environments while metal systems deteriorate quickly. And the rubber substrate used in DEK Drain systems won’t conduct electricity, which metal systems do. One more safety issue addressed!
  • It’s exceptionally flexible, even at temperatures well below freezing, so it won’t crack the way plastic does when the weather fluctuates from bitterly cold to sunny and warm.
  • Its extra thickness and flexibility provide a better seal against moisture than the substrate materials in other deck drain systems, which means you can rely on your DEK Drain® system to keep the space under your deck securely dry so that you can install a finished ceiling with an overhead fan and lights if you wish.

Whether you have an existing deck, a deck under construction or one in the planning stages, we have the ideal deck drain system to meet your needs in Toronto, ON, or the surrounding area. Contact us today, and one of our friendly representatives will help you select the DEK Drain® system that will work best for you. We proudly ship our deck drainage systems to homeowners and business owners throughout Canada and the United States and to destinations worldwide.