Drain Your Deck & Enjoy Reliably Dry Space Underneath With a Water Diversion System That’s Ideal for Homeowners in the Raleigh-Durham, NC, Area

If you had a water diversion system you could count on to drain your deck and keep the area underneath dry, even when it’s raining or snowing, what would you do with the extra space? With home prices climbing in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, many homeowners are intensely interested in affordable ways to add valuable outdoor living or storage space to their existing homes rather than buy a bigger place. Investing in an ultra-reliable water diversion system from DEK Drain® is a great way to gain dry, usable space under your deck where you can enjoy open-air, sheltered seating or a place to store home maintenance equipment.

Whether you’re planning to build a raised deck or you’ve had a deck for years, we have the ideal deck drain system to meet your needs. Our deck drainage systems are made from a specially formulated rubber membrane material, which easily withstands the below-freezing temperatures that Raleigh-Durham residents typically experience several times each winter. Unlike the plastic substrate found in many deck drain systems, rubber won’t become brittle, crack and expose your under deck area to potential water leaks. What’s more, we will custom-cut our exceptional rubber membrane material into a profile that will precisely fit the dimensions of your deck, which makes it easy to install and versatile enough to protect any deck, even custom designs like leaf-shaped decks.

Here are brief descriptions of the primary DEK Drain® profiles we have available:

  • TOPSIDE® – This profile is designed for decks under construction. The deck drain system is installed over the top of the joists before the surface boards are attached, thus keeping all of the deck framing dry.
  • UNDERSIDE® – This deck drain profile is installed on the bottom of the joists of existing decks.
  • UNDERSIDE® RECESSED – This system is installed from under an existing deck and recessed into the bay areas formed by the joists, which helps facilitate the installation of a finished ceiling.

Our knowledgeable associates will be happy to tell you more about our deck drain systems and help you choose the best one to meet your needs in Raleigh-Durham, NC. Contact DEK Drain® today for more information.