A Deck Drain System that Will Stand Up to the Weather in Denver, CO & Surrounding Communities

If you’re planning to invest in a system to drain your elevated deck in Denver, Colorado, so that you can enjoy usable space underneath even when it rains or snows, you’ll want to choose a system that will provide the most reliable and longest-lasting protection possible. That means you want a deck drainage system from DEK Drain®. Our water diversion systems are ideally suited to withstand the weather conditions that typically occur in this region.

The tough, specially formulated rubber membrane material of our DEK Drain® systems is the key to providing a reliable deck drain solution that stands up to the below-freezing temperatures experienced in the Denver, CO, area for much of the year. Unlike the plastic substrate of many other deck drain systems on the market, rubber is flexible and won’t grow brittle and crack when the temperatures swing from bitterly cold to seasonably warm. The flexibility of rubber allows our deck drain systems to endure challenging weather conditions, while also providing a better seal against moisture penetration than the materials used in other systems.

When you choose one of our reliable deck drain systems to protect your existing deck, a deck you have under construction or one still on the drawing board, you’ll enjoy these advantages:

  • Usable space under your deck where you can create a sheltered haven that’s open to the fresh air and suitable for entertaining friends or simply enjoying a moment of reflection while sipping your favorite beverage
  • A reliably dry area below your deck’s surface that can be used as a workshop or for storage of lawn care equipment
  • Protection against water pooling under your deck, which could cause soil erosion around your home’s foundation and potentially even basement flooding

We’ll be happy to help you determine which of our exceptional deck drain systems will best meet your needs. Contact DEK Drain® today for more information. We proudly ship our water diversion systems to the Denver, CO, area and throughout the United States and Canada.