A Reliable Deck Drain System That Will Allow You to Double the Use of Your Deck in the Atlanta, GA, Area

If you’re a homeowner who’s looking for a way to reliably drain a raised deck so that the space underneath stays dry, even in a downpour, take a close look at the systems available from DEK Drain®. No matter what type of deck you have in the Atlanta, Georgia, area, whether it’s in the planning stages or already built, we have the ideal deck drain system to create a dry haven underneath that’s suitable for storage or an outdoor living area. In fact, once you install one of these exceptionally dependable deck drain systems, you’ll be able to use your under deck space as much or more than your deck’s surface, effectively doubling the use of your deck!

Not only that, but installing a water diversion system from DEK Drain® under your deck in the Atlanta, GA, area can provide some additional advantages, including:

  • Protecting your deck’s structural integrity from the premature deterioration that can occur with prolonged moisture exposure, thus potentially saving you the high costs of unnecessary repairs or replacement
  • Keeping mold and mildew from forming under your deck, which is unsightly and may also pose a risk to human health
  • Preventing soil erosion that can occur when water pours through the cracks in your deck’s surface to the ground below, a problem that may eventually undermine your home’s foundation

What’s more, our deck drain systems are fabricated from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that will outperform and outlast the materials that are typically found in other competing systems on the market. They’re also easy to install and backed by a limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner should you decide to sell your home.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about the unsurpassed reliability of our deck drain systems and why they’re the best option for homeowners in Atlanta, GA, who want to get the most use out of their decks. Contact DEK Drain® today for more information. We proudly ship our deck drain systems worldwide.