If you’ve ever thought about using the space under your deck for storage of lawn equipment, patio chairs and other items that often crowd the car out of the garage, then DEK Drain® has the ideal waterproofing solution for you. Our under-deck water diversion systems have helped many homeowners enjoy the use of reliably dry space under their decks that’s ideal for storing pool equipment, as well as for an extra outdoor seating area that’s sheltered from the rain and sun.

Whether you have an existing deck or one under construction, there’s a DEK Drain® system that will work for you. No matter which of our deck drainage systems you choose, it will be crafted from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that provides a reliable water diversion system that will last for decades. Even if you live in a coastal area or a part of the United States or Canada where below-freezing temperatures occur much of the year, you’ll be able to count on your DEK Drain® system to protect your under deck storage space because of the superior properties of rubber. Unlike the plastic or metal used in other deck drainage systems, our rubber membrane material is impervious to damage from extreme temperatures and saltwater, so it won’t develop leaks even after many years of exposure to the elements.  Our rubber substrate is inert:  it does not change dimensions with changes in temperature.  Plastic and metal substrates are known to “wear out” from constant expansion and contraction.

In addition to creating usable space under your deck for storage or outdoor entertaining, the installation of a DEK Drain® system can also help you enjoy these benefits:

  • Extension of the life of your deck through protection from moisture exposure that can lead to premature deterioration
  • Prevention of the growth of unsightly mildew and even mold that can be harmful to your family’s health
  • Protection against soil erosion under your deck caused by rainfall

What’s more, our deck drainage systems are easy to install and come with a limited lifetime warranty that’s fully transferable to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your home. For more information about how DEK Drain® can help you start enjoying the square footage under your deck for storage or additional outdoor living space, contact us today. We proudly ship this product to homeowners worldwide.

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