Earth Day will be recognized this year on Wednesday, April 22, helping to raise global awareness about environmental issues and pollution while rallying celebrants together to pursue a cleaner environment. One thing in particular that can help the earth is a water diversion system.

We’re all for it.

In fact, water diversion systems like ours can also help to protect your landscape – and the environment in general – in multiple ways.

  • They capture and divert rainwater: Your water diversion system can help you divert and collect the water flowing away from your deck. This can then be used to provide your plants and gardens with a sustainable, revitalizing source of H20, while simultaneously reducing waste and water costs. Quality deck drainage systems also help to eliminate unsanitary standing water and moisture buildup on your property, protecting it from potentially hazardous conditions including mold and mildew.
  • They reduce the effects of erosion: Left unchecked, rainwater that is allowed to pour or seep through the surface of your deck can lead to damaging soil erosion, which could ultimately compromise your home’s structural integrity.
  • They implement eco-friendly materials: High quality water diversion systems should be designed from the start with eco-friendliness in mind. DEK Drain systems, for example, are fashioned from a premium rubber membrane material. This is not only flexible and versatile for all decking projects but is also more environmentally conscious than those made with metal or plastics. Additionally, DEK Drain never requires potentially noxious or caustic caulking, solvents, or glue. Custom-cut panels perfectly match the dimensions of your deck, mitigating waste.

DEK Drain has been recognized for its environmental contributions in custom “green” homes throughout the U.S., thanks to our modest footprint, and commitment to using fewer building materials.

Our proprietary drainage systems allow rainwater to flow away from your deck, preserving a dry, fully functional space underneath. Our limited lifetime warranty is also fully transferable to another homeowner should you decide to sell your home, allowing a new family to reap the eco-friendly benefits of your water diversion system.

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