Spring is the perfect time to start expanding your outdoor living space. Maybe you’re thinking about adding a underdeck sunroom?

Many homeowners will be taking advantage of the milder weather to transform their underdeck space into a full-fledged sunroom, optimizing space and budget at the same time.

All it takes is an elevated deck attached to the second level of your home. Simply add patio flooring below (if not already present) and glass or screen panels to keep the elements out – and voila! That previously unused space has been transformed into a luxurious and affordable underdeck sunroom in no time flat.

Here are three tips on how to create the perfect underdeck sunroom in time for spring.

  1. Consider your layout: Before you start building out the sunroom, you’ll want to plan out where everything will ultimately be placed. Consider what type and style of windows and doors you might incorporate and if they will require support structures in place before installation. Remember the adage: measure twice – cut once. Make certain you’ve noted the proper dimensions of all features so that everything fits correctly once installed. You may check with your local municipality for any potential zoning regulations that must be adhered to before your construction begins.
  2. Choose your materials wisely: Let the weather be your guide. Depending on your state’s climate, materials that can hold up against extreme temperatures and other atmospheric elements may be in order. For example, if you live in an area where snowfall is prevalent during the winter, you should opt for materials that are strong enough to withstand heavy snow accumulation and won’t be damaged by salt that is tracked in from icy roads and sidewalks. Materials with high insulation qualities can also help to keep the cooler air inside your underdeck sunroom during the hot summer months while ensuring things stay nice and toasty during chilly winter nights. This is not only more comfortable for you and your family, but it also saves you money on utility bills long-term.
  3. Implement a quality deck drainage system: A patented underdeck drainage system protects your deck’s framing from precipitation and moisture damage while delivering dry, functional space below. Products like DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® and UNDERSIDE® systems help to prolong your deck’s life and make the functional new living space underneath a safer place to rest, relax, and entertain.
  4. Think of the environment: Perhaps the biggest perk of an underdeck sunroom is the ability to enjoy nature from within its enclosed walls without having to worry about being swarmed by insects or other pests. Incorporating natural elements like plants and flowers as part of the interior design can extend this life into the room while also helping to purify the air. By choosing environmentally-sound building materials, too, you can help to reduce your family’s carbon footprint and ensure that the natural world just outside your sunroom remains beautiful and healthy. DEK Drain products, for example, utilize a premium rubber membrane, which not only offers optimal flexibility – but is also a gentler, more aggregable fit with our natural environment. Panels are custom-cut, which reduces waste, and installation never requires caulk, glue, or any potentially toxic adhesives of any kind.

Spring will be here soon. It’s a fine time for bright, new improvements. Whether you’re interested in creating an underdeck sunroom, or simply looking to expand your outdoor living space, DEK Drain caters to decks of all shapes, sizes, and styles. Our team will help you decide which system will best fit your needs. Contact us today to learn more.

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