Fall is fast approaching. In addition to the trademark sights, sounds, and smells of the season, this time of year also offers homeowners a perfect opportunity to improve their outdoor space with an underdeck drainage system installation.

The last thing you want is water from overhead seeping into the space below your deck. An underdeck drainage system can capture the rainwater that would otherwise seep between spaces in your deck boards and carry it safely to the ends of your deck – keeping everything beneath safe and dry.

While many homeowners may overlook the potential dangers of moisture damage during the warmer summer months, the need becomes more evident with the onset of fall rains and winter’s subsequent snow, sleet, and hail. For that reason, autumn can be the ideal season for underdeck drainage system installation. Consider the following:

  1. Cooler days make for easier work: While DEK Drain’s TOPSIDE® systems are designed to be installed in a snap, there’s still some light legwork involved. Autumn temperatures are typically not too hot and not too cold – allowing for smooth, uninterrupted work.
  2. Winter prep is already underway: Autumn is often when homeowners start preparing for the cold winter months. Just as you would service your heating system or clean your gutters, underdeck drainage system installation can be included as part of your autumn home prep, ensuring the space beneath your deck is ready for more inclement weather just around the corner.
  3. Fall is nothing if not aesthetically pleasing. From the changing colors of the leaves to the golden, copper glow of the sunset, autumn is breathtakingly beautiful. Why not create a home to match? Transforming the damp, unused space beneath your deck into a cozy outdoor retreat perfect for enjoying the scenery is a valuable upgrade made possible with underdeck drainage system installation courtesy of DEK Drain.

With a TOPSIDE system from DEK Drain, the space below your deck can become a more functional and enjoyable area for you and your family, no matter the season. So, before the leaves start to fall, take steps to protect this unsung real estate and make the most out of your property. Contact DEK Drain today to learn more about our underdeck drainage system installation options and start preparing your home for autumn and beyond.

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