You’ve heard how a quality deck drainage system can double the use of your deck, warding off water damage on the surface, while delivering a dry, functional, and customizable space underneath. In fact, you just can’t wait to start work on your new outdoor kitchen or state-of-the-art home theater space.

You’re just not 100% certain where to start.

No worries. We have some experience in that arena. Here are just three great tips to help you achieve underdeck drainage success:

  1. Choose the best package for your home: Consider your needs, the tradeoffs, and the ultimate purpose of the installation when determining which underdeck drainage system is right for you, your family, and your deck.

DEK Drain’s proprietary systems, for instance, can be installed from either the top of your deck, using our state-of-the-art TOPSIDE® system, or from the bottom of its joists using our UNDERSIDE® product. Both systems ultimately deliver dry, functional space beneath your deck, but TOPSIDE works with gravity to make installation easier, while your deck’s framing stays dry.

For ideal protection, DEK Drain recommends our TOPSIDE product. Designed for new deck construction, TOPSIDE panels are attached to the top of your deck’s joists before the boards are fastened – capturing rain that pours through the surface of your deck while protecting the frame from moisture and deterioration.

Our UNDERSIDE system is intended for existing decks. Installing to the bottom of your deck’s joists and adaptable to multiple sizes and shapes, UNDERSIDE delivers a dry, functional space where you can store lawn equipment and tools, entertain guests, create a workshop, and so much more.

Additionally, our dogear joist flashing system helps homeowners extend the life of their decks without the commitment of a complete drainage system while leaving the door open for future installs.

  1. Measure first, cut once, trust ALWAYS: The best underdeck drainage systems arrive at the job site with simple, straightforward instructions that eliminate guesswork and put your project on the fast track to success. With DEK Drain, for example, ordering couldn’t be easier. Our underdeck roofing systems are adaptable to decks of all shapes, sizes, and styles. From the jump, our representatives can help you determine what the best fit for your deck will be. All it takes to get started are a few basic measurements (and sample drawings when possible). Get the details and submit your measurements today.
  2. Consider hiring a pro: The best water diversion systems will include everything you need to make your DIY weekend project a big win with just a few basic tools and a “can-do” attitude. That being said, enlisting the talents of a contractor can ensure underdeck drainage system success by saving you both time and money. Better yet, having the job done by a licensed contractor offers peace of mind knowing that your drainage system was installed by a professional who will guarantee their work (and may even be able to help you with future home improvements).

DEK Drain strives to ensure underdeck drainage success for every customer we serve. We offer unlimited support by phone or email. Our team responds quickly to inquiries and is available from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. DEK Drain representatives are standing by. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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