Homeowners who implement underdeck drainage systems from DEK Drain consistently enjoy improved, protected, and customizable space under their decks. The next step is to come up with underdeck design ideas.

Here are just a handful of design ideas that have proven popular with DEK Drain customers.

  • Tackle that outdoor entertainment room: Imagine hosting your next Super Bowl party from the privacy and comfort of your very own outdoor screening room. Recessed lighting, a state-of-the-art integrated sound system, and a built-in fridge for halftime snacking will make your entertainment room the talk of the town. Better yet, more space to work with means watching the big game on the biggest, wall-mounted, HD television screen you can find.
  • Let the light shine in: There was a time when the space below a deck was a dark, dingy no man’s land that, aside from the AC unit, was most likely populated by cobwebs and creepy crawlies, and perhaps the occasional opossum. But thanks to DEK Drain, underdeck ceiling systems have brought our deck spaces into the light. Ceiling fans and recessed lighting keep your underdeck space accessible at any time of day or night, while many homeowners maximize the brightness by outfitting the walls in cheerful colors that bring out their unique style and personality.
  • Segue to screened-in comfort: Screened-in porches offer year-round comfort and entertainment possibilities for families. Once your home deck is equipped with a quality water diversion system, converting your customizable underdeck into a screened enclosure is a snap.
  • Turn a new page on your book nook: Maybe you prefer to read about football rather than watch it. Weatherproof patio furniture, a few throw pillows, and built-in bookshelves to showcase some literary favorites can turn any underdeck space into a peaceful getaway for your next great reading adventure.

Hopefully these underdeck design ideas sparked some ideas for your outdoor living space.

DEK Drain delivers the industry’s most durable and reliable water diversion systems for home decks. We’ll take care of protecting your investment, you take care of coming up with the next great underdeck design idea. Simply reach out to our team to get started.

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