For under deck waterproofing systems that help homeowners and business owners get the best use of their decks for a lifetime of use, you can’t do better than DEK Drain®. Our under deck waterproofing membrane not only help our customers enjoy dry, usable space under their decks, but they also can help extend the life of a deck by protecting it from prolonged exposure to the harsh elements of nature.

Whether you have an existing deck or a deck under construction, we have a deck drainage system that’s ideal to meet your needs. All of our under-deck water diversion systems are made from a specially formulated rubber under deck waterproofing membrane material that provides the perfect, weather-resistant substrate to create a moisture barrier that will endure for decades. Our deck drainage systems also are easy to install and can be tailored to fit a boathouse, leaf-shaped deck or other unusually shaped deck.

What’s more, we have under deck drainage systems that will allow you to enjoy usable outdoor living space below your deck, as well as systems that will simply protect the structural integrity of your deck. Here’s a brief summary of the main DEK Drain® systems we have available:

  • UNDERSIDE® — Designed for installation under an existing deck, the panels of this system are installed directly to the bottom of the deck joists. With a simple extension of the deck frame downward, this system will allow for the installation of a finished ceiling. We also offer the UNDERSIDE® RECESSED system, which allows for installation of the panels in the under-deck bays that are formed by the joists.
  • TOPSIDE® — If you’re building a deck or replacing the surface boards of your existing deck, our TOPSIDE® panels installed over the joists will provide the ideal level of protection against moisture for your deck’s frame, as well as dry, usable space under your deck.
  • DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® — If you’re building a deck but you’re not ready to invest in a fully waterproof deck drainage product, this profile can be installed over the joists before the surface boards are attached to keep the deck frame dry. This installation also provides the flashing necessary for an UNDERSIDE RECSSED system if a full system is planned for the future.

Contact DEK Drain® today to find out which of our outstanding under deck waterproofing systems is best for you.

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