The under deck systems available from DEK Drain® will provide the same reliable, long-lasting waterproof protection whether you have one installed during construction – before the deck boards go on – or you choose one of our great systems for existing decks. We’ve developed deck drainage systems to meet the many different needs of homeowners throughout the United States and Canada, so that as many people as possible can double the use of their deck by gaining usable, waterproof space underneath. Installation of one of our under deck systems will also potentially extend the life of your deck because it will be protected from soaking rains that can promote wood rot and premature decay.

When you partner with DEK Drain® for one of our innovative under deck systems, we’ll help you choose the one that best meets your needs. No matter which of our deck drainage systems is right for you, it will feature the same ultra-durable panels that are specially formulated from an exceptionally thick rubber membrane material. This ensures that a DEK Drain® water diversion system will stand up to the coldest and wettest weather conditions anywhere. Here are a few other brief details of our primary systems:

  • TOPSIDE® – Designed for installation during deck construction, this system will keep your deck’s framing structure and the space below the deck boards dry. It also leaves the bays between the joists under the deck boards free of protection material, which will facilitate installation of a finished ceiling, fans and lights in the event you want to customize your under-deck living space.
  • UNDERSIDE® and UNDERSIDE RECESSED® – These systems are designed to provide under-deck waterproofing after a deck has been built. The recessed profile is designed for homeowners who wish to install a decorative ceiling below the deck. But a ceiling and accessories are also possible with the UNDERSIDE® profile with minor modifications to the joists below the deck boards, should the homeowner decide to install a decorative ceiling at a later date.
  • DOG EAR JOIST FLASHING® – This system allows homeowners to extend the life of their decks, even if they’re not ready to invest in one of our fully protective under deck systems. It provides waterproof protection for exposed deck joists and will help the homeowner save money if one of our other profiles is installed later.

For more information about the advantages of choosing one of the outstanding under deck systems available from DEK Drain®, contact us today.

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