​Under Deck Roofing From DEK Drain® Can Transform The Area Below Your Deck’s Surface Into Usable Space

An under deck roofing system that keeps the area below your deck dry when it’s raining can provide a valuable sheltered space that’s suitable for storage or for outdoor relaxation and entertaining. It’s a worthwhile investment, and one you’ll want to make the most of by choosing an under deck roofing system from DEK Drain®.

Our under-deck water diversion systems are fabricated from a specially formulated rubber membrane material that shelters your under-deck area much the same way as your roof protects your home when it rains. This rubber membrane simply outperforms and outlasts the plastic substrate typically found in other deck drainage products on the market. The pliability of rubber provides a better seal against moisture. Rubber also remains flexible, even when the temperatures plunge well below freezing, so it won’t become brittle and crack the way plastic can. What’s more, rubber retains its flexibility for decades, so you can expect to enjoy long-lasting protection against moisture for your deck.

The under deck roofing systems from DEK Drain® include options for existing decks, decks under construction and unusually shaped or hard-to-fit decks. We’ll be happy to discuss your project and help you choose just the right system to meet your needs. No matter which of our profiles you choose, you’ll receive:

  • A system that’s pre-cut to fit the precise measurements of your deck, so it will be easy to install and practically eliminate the potential for wasted materials, which is both environmentally friendly and a possible cost savings for you
  • Detailed instructions and free, unlimited support by email or phone from our knowledgeable staff, in case you or your installer has questions during the installation process
  • A limited lifetime warranty that can be transferred to the next homeowner if you decide to sell your home

To learn more about the advantages of choosing an under deck roofing system from DEK Drain®, contact us today. We proudly ship our systems to property owners worldwide.

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