Many of us have spent more time at home, consecutively, in the last four months that we have in the last four years. And while making the rounds from the refrigerator to the TV to the backyard, and back again, some of us have likely noticed that we could use some additional space outdoors for storage, socialization (at a distance, of course), or simply hanging out.

For those who are still working from home, just a simple change of scenery could make a world of difference.

The DEK Drain team frequently fields calls from homeowners wondering if they can install an under deck roof on already existing structures. Not only is it possible, but our patented designs make it a literal snap.

DEK Drain’s UNDERSIDE® systems install to the bottom of deck joists and prevent water from slipping through the surface boards. This ultimately creates a dry and functional space below, perfect for the addition of an under deck roof and the expansion of your outdoor living space. Additionally, UNDERSIDE systems are:

  • Fabricated from a flexible and durable rubber membrane material that is 45 mil. thick.
  • Easy to install, requiring no glue, caulk, adhesive, or sealants.
  • Delivered with detailed instructions for your specific project and its dimensions.
  • Adaptable to multiple sizes and deck shapes, with pre-cut panels available for 12”, 16”, and 24” framing.

UNDERSIDE systems also allow for the installation of a finished ceiling (with additional framing). The dry, functional space they create below your deck is also ideal for:

  • Enhanced storage
  • A custom workshop or craft area
  • Casual outdoor gatherings and entertaining

For even more customization, many users choose our TOPSIDE systems.

Because our UNDERSIDE systems can be somewhat trickier to install, many of our customers opt to remove their deck boards and upgrade their deck surface. Deck boards can frequently be turned to their non-weathered sides, which also affords an opportunity to change a project’s appearance with updated decking. Our TOPSIDE products are then simply installed before the deck boards are replaced. TOPSIDE works with gravity and allows for complete customization of your newly functional under deck area. Outfit your finished ceiling with fans, recessed lighting, stereo systems, and more – and expand your home’s living area in style.

As always, DEK Drain® provides free, unlimited support by phone or email. Don’t let the summer get away from you. Make your under deck roofing plans a reality today. Contact our service representatives today for a free estimate.

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